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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  February 6, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PST

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telling us a lot about what they found out so far. but they say this was not a murder-suicide. three men were found shot to death inside of a bedroom of one of the houses on the back end of this property in forrestville. one of the men's brothers found them around 3 p.m. yesterday. he was there to check on him after he hadn't heard from him in a few hours. investigators have been talking to him and others who live on this property. there are several homes here. wheel the sheriff's office isn't releasing much of what they've discovered, they say we don't need to be too worried about a murderer on the loose. >> this is not a random crime. so i don't believe that there's any danger to any of the citizens of sonoma county or anywhere else. >> when you say this is not a random crime, what do you mean by that? >> i'm not going to get into the details of our investigation at this time. it's too early. >> reporter: they are also not
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releasing the identities of the men killed. none of the three men live on the property. but one of them is related to somebody who has some sort of association with that property. we're expecting to find out a lot more today. officers have also said that there was no real sign of struggle at the shooting scene. live in sonoma county, anne makovec kpix 5. we are expecting an update today on the homicide investigation of a teenaged girl from solano county. this is the last photo of 13- year-old genelle conway allen last seen thursday near east tabor and grand circle in fairfield. she was found dead the next morning at allan witt park. police say she had been strangled. so far, no word on any motive or suspects. and a brentwood family wants to know if you saw this woman their daughter 21-year- old tori stevenson last seen friday in san francisco. her mother says tori's boyfriend dropped her off for a john interview in the tenderloin. she said she would call him in an hour to pick her up but no
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one has heard from her since. >> tori, if you see this, please call me. call mike. [ crying ] >> call the san francisco police. we will come and get you. we will come and get you. anywhere you are, please call. please call. >> stevenson is 5'4" and 110 pounds with long brown hair, hazel eyes and tatoos on her forearms. right now disaster teams are struggling to reach four villages in the solomon islands. that's where a deadly tsunami hit today. an 8.0 magnitude earthquake struck the santa cruz islands. the quake generated a small tsunami with waves up to 5 feet. the nation's police commissioner believes at least four people were killed up to 80 homes and properties damaged. a lot of villagers headed to higher ground as a precaution. i know lawrence, you were tweeting away when that happened. >> yeah. when you see something like that, 8.0, that's a huge
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earthquake. of course, worried about a tsunami possibly generating and something affecting the west coast. that didn't happen this time. >> that is fortunate. what's going on with the weather here? i haven't been familiar with what's going on. >> it must be cold out there for you this morning. >> yeah. >> can you give us the louisiana forecast so she feels at home? >> i'm still on louisiana time. >> it's chilly outside this morning, skies clear, cloudy in spots but otherwise looking good. if you are head out the door this morning, not that thick fog we've seen. looking nice out over the bay bridge at this hour. temperatures colder because the fog mixed out. 46 degrees in san francisco. high pressure is holding on just off the coastline barely but you have a system starting to get closer and this is the one that we're going to watch drop into the bay area to possibly bring showers tomorrow and into thursday and friday we could see some snow down to about 2500 feet. temperatures are going to stay cool, average numbers usually in the 50s and low 60s. by the afternoon, below average in many spots. and going to get colder the
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next couple of days so get out those winter clothes. it's going to be chilly. >> eh. all right, thanks, lawrence. outside now, it is not too bad on all the bay area roads. we are still seeing a lot of overnight roadwork but nothing to slow you down, no huge hot spots. this is a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, no delay across the upper deck. if you are coming westbound 80 down the eastshore freeway you will find some areas of roadwork approaching the powell street exit through emeryville. san mateo bridge problem-free. nice and light across the span. 13 minutes is that drive time between hayward and foster city. so if we go to our maps, we can show you more areas of roadwork, that long stretch of 880 from 23rd to jackson has roadwork in various lanes. that's oakland all the way down into hayward this morning. it's so early that we're seeing a lot of green on our sensors and green for our color-coded guide means speeds over 40 miles per hour. pretty much everything moving at the limit in the south bay. the altamont pass ride is looking good coming through
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livermore. and bart so far no delay. everything on time. that's a check of your "timesaver traffic." back to you guys. >> all right, elizabeth. thank you. here's a story you don't hear every day. a minivan hit a camel who broke out of its east bay enclosure twice. a veterinarian is set to examine rudy the camel today. according to police, the 10- year-old animal doesn't appear to be injured after he ran away from the accident scene in concord. police called in some cowboys to help out. >> i have been a cowboy my whole life. it's all i have ever done is work with cows. so this is -- like i said, on the ranch, it's creative ingenuity. >> cow, camel, all right. it took the cowboys more than 2 hours to get rudy into a trailer. hopefully he's doing well. >> he looks good. looks relaxed in the trailer. 4:37 now. city of san ramon hopes to relieve traffic congestion by raising the speed limit of some
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of their streets. it is the result of a 7-year survey there. they determined many speed limits were too slow. in those cases, most drivers were already going faster than the posted limit anyways. yet we're still driving safely. >> i think people drive that fast 5 miles or 10 miles over the speed limit anyway and i don't see any accidents or anything so it doesn't concern me. >> here's a quick look at the san ramon streets where the limits are being raised. the new speed limits are set to take effect february 22nd. so a few weeks away. limits won't be raised on residential streets or roads near schools. an east bay city is changing how it starts its council meetings. it will no longer be automatic that people recite the pledge of allegiance to open city council meetings in el cerrito. the council last night decided to invite those who do not want to say the pledge to observe a moment of silence instead. >> one of the things that came up in our strategic planning for the city was a limitation
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of the city is that we always -- we do things because that's the way we have always done them. i want to do it because it's a conscious decision that it's the best way to start our meeting with the pledge. >> there were no public comments against the proposal at the meeting. the san jose police officers association has begun new contract talks with city officials. just about all city workers have endured recent pay and pension reductions. as a result, scores of officers have retired or left for police departments in other cities. the oa wants prepay cut levels restored along with 3% raises in each of the next two years. a new passenger record set by san francisco international. sfo reports 44.5 million flyers traveled through the hub last year making it the busiest year in the airport's history. the airport's growth may be due to renovations at terminal 2, plus virgin america's decision
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to use sfo as a main hub. good for them, setting a record. >> that's a lot of people. >> no kidding. time now is 4:39. coming up, a major announcement about the future of the u.s. postal service this morning. >> and a big day for the boy scouts, as well. will the group lift its ban on gay members? we are going to find out today. >> are you crazy? >> yeah. >> yeah. and real estate market madness? the eye-popping price for this fixer upper in sunnyvale. cer: cbs wednesday, a csi event. i'm looking for d.b. russell. announcer: a crime in vegas... taylor: where is she? how well do you know christine? i love this woman. announcer: ...ends in new york. ♪ i follow you down... ♪ i'll call my team. ♪ through the eye of the storm... ♪ taylor: you heard what he said. she's going to die. i'm coming with you. stokes: we got a body. (groans) where is she?! announcer: only cbs.
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♪[ music ]♪ ah, michelle is a little home sick. [ laughter ] >> she's hearing the music. >> she is asking for hurricanes and beignets right now. >> where are they? i thought they would be on the set this morning. >> so how was it? >> i miss that place. i absolutely fell in love with new orleans. i never had been to new orleans before. that was my first time. we worked 20-hour days.
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it was a grueling schedule. we were all tired. but what helped was being in that city, the people were wonderful. i mean, i talk about it all week. >> i know you had rosemary meatloaf, you got invited into homes, you know, the hospitality down there is a live and well, isn't it? >> it was unbelievable. you know, not only we got invited into one home but i think three homes. they had a big country spread and then of course this is bourbon street. this is lawrence's favorite part. >> oh, yeah. >> bourbon street all the beads. george lucas could not believe we ran into him. >> ran into him. did he ever stop? >> he never stopped walking. i don't think he even wanted me to interrupt his morning stroll. but he was gracious enough to let us talk to him. and, of course, this, never forget this morning. big-time rainstorm that we were doing our report in. and then the cemetery. that cemetery looked really cool. >> and the poboys, of course. >> of course. i ate shrimp while i was down there which, you know, i don't like seafood very much. and, of course, the music. how can you not love the music?
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that was probably my favorite thing to do was probably the character ride through the vieux carre. >> you were live in the 11:00 show which was really 1 a.m. >> 1 a.m. >> went back, slept two hours and came up and coanchored with me for 2.5 hours from 6:30 to 9:00 new orleans time. >> very little sleep. and photographer vic villaroman and producer wilson walker got less sleep than we did. it was a great time but i'm glad to be back. >> bet your girls are glad to see you. >> they were really good. and they guy kept texting me saying he missed me. >> that was all a lie. [ laughter ] >> it's true. >> i feel so bad you worked 20 hours a day. i feel so bad for you michelle. stuck in new orleans. wow. [ laughter ] >> are you crying? >> that's a great city. >> we're glad you're back. folks around the bay area today, we have some chilly temperatures outside. skies mostly clear, just a couple of patches of fog floating around out there. otherwise, looking good. a chilly start to the day. much colder than yesterday. 30s and 40s, of course we were
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mostly cloudy yesterday, as well. this afternoon, we'll see a lot of sunshine. temperatures maybe slightly warmer but not by much. plan on 50s and low 60s again. it looks like we are getting ready for a storm system to roll not bay area but this high pressure going to remain in place today and this system slides over the top to bring a chance of some very cold showers for tomorrow. then looks like into friday, in fact some low snow levels down to about 2500 feet. around the state today you will see temperatures into the 60s in the central valley, 40s and 50s dry in the high country and tahoe and yosemite but that will change tomorrow. today 58 in san jose, 56 hayward, about 55 degrees in pacifica. east bay temperatures up in the 50s maybe a couple of low 60s. and then inside the bay the temperatures running mainly into the 50s, 60s in parts of the north bay. next couple of days, big changes. get out all these big winter clothes. it's going to be cold, possibly wet at times. some low snow levels. then looks like over the weekend things dry out and temperatures warm up slightly
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through saturday and sunday. you don't look excited about this, elizabeth. >> we got this little hint of spring. it's been great with the 60s and then the rain hits. but we are going to enjoy the dry weather for now the for now. morning commute looks good, problem-free. so yeah, usually when the rains come we tend to really see a huge uptick in the number of incidents covered by chp. here's a live look right now near the dublin interchange. westbound 580 looking pretty quiet right now, as you head towards 680. similar story in the east bay. this is a live look at the nimitz 880 in oakland. you will find some roadwork in stretches this morning along 880. it's between 23rd and jackson. various lanes blocked. you can't see much in our camera there near the oakland coliseum. to our other maps now, you can see all green on our sensors. i'm not picking up one slow spot, not one brake light from the altamont pass towards 680. so far the drive through livermore is quiet. areas of roadwork this morning along the peninsula on southbound 101, you will find various lanes blocked,
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embarcadero road to shoreline boulevard. 280 though is free and clear like usual this time of the morning. and all the way down towards the south bay guadalupe parkway 101, you will notice our live drive time sensors still picking up top speeds and mass transit we mentioned bart earlier. bart, ace, muni, caltrain and your ferries so far all reporting no delays. that's a check of traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. 4:46 now. saturday mail delivery appears to be coming to an end very shortly. postmaster general patrick donahue has a news conference scheduled at 7 a.m. our time. cbs news says donahue will announce major budget cuts including an end to saturday delivery for first class mail. the u.s. postal service lost $16 billion last year alone. the obama administration is defending a justice department memo that authorized drone attacks against u.s. citizens working with terrorists overseas. the memo says such actions are legal under three conditions: if the suspect is engaged in planning operations to kill
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americans, if it's not possible to capture the suspect before an attack and if the operation follows u.s. laws and war principles. >> these strikes are legal. they are ethical and they are wise. >> critics say such an attack would violate the constitutional rights of american terror suspects to a trial by jury. so far there's only one known case of an american targeted with a drone strike anwar al- awlaki in 2011 in yemen. the white house confirms the president will go to middle east next month to israel, west bank and jordan. it will be the first time for mr. obama to visit israel since he took office. he will meet with prime minister benjamin netanyahu. the trip will focus on the resumption of talks between israel and the palestinians. u.s. ambassador dan shapiro says the president will bring an urgent peace-making agenda with him. and we -- >> we may see some new changes today on a ban on gay members in the boy scouts of america. scout leaders may vote today on
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whether to change the policy. a new proposal would allow individual scout troops to decide how they want to address the issue. some religious leaders criticized the possible change. the founder for scouts for equality says it's time to ban discrimination. >> they are entitled to continue that policy if they choose to. and if they don't, they are going to lose the heart and soul of their membership. >> this is about, you know, them trying to advance an agenda of promoting a specific way of understanding the world at the expense of people all over the country. >> the boy scouts of america has more than two million members nationwide. more than 70% of troops are affiliated with church or religious groups. the military is poised to extend some benefits to same- sex partners of gay servicemembers. u.s. officials say they are likely to include some health and welfare programs as well as access to on-base stores and services. the move comes 16 months after the pentagon repealed its ban on openly gay servicemembers.
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an announcement is expected in the next few days. great britain is closer to legalizing same-sex marriage. the house of commons passed a bill that would enable same-sex couples to get married in civil and religious ceremonies. the bill must go through several more stages though before it becomes law. the church of england and the conservative party are among the bill's strongest opponents. governor brown is taking on the cowboys in texas who are trying to lure california companies away. here's his response to a new radio campaign out of the lone star state. >> not even a burp, barely a fart. should i liken it when i stand by the ocean? it's a big nothing. a lot of these texans who come here don't go back. >> the spots by texas governor rick perry tout the lower cost of doing business there. he makes regular trips out west as well trying to convince california companies to move. well, we all know the bay area real estate market is going crazy right now.
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home prices are skyrocketing. rent is out of control. but check out what kiet do found for sale right now. reporter: home sweet home. >> home sweet home. >> reporter: it's a nearly 1700- square-foot home with four bedrooms -- it's modest. >> this is what they had back in the 1935 area. >> reporter: 1 1/2 baths one of which was built during the roosevelt administration, with wall heaters and a spacious kitchen with no dishwasher and original cabinets. asking price -- >> we're asking 1,000,008. >> reporter: are you crazy? >> yeah. >> reporter: before you scoff consider this. the 80-year-old house sits on a third of an acre so a developer could demolish and build half dozen townhomes like these for 800k each. what's more this map shows the new apple campus will be 1.3 miles away. it will draw 13,000 new employees to an already high
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demand cutthroat market. >> all of those employees are going to have to have a place to live. and that's why this area here is going in my feeling to boom. >> reporter: the house appeared on a list compiled by blogger shin lu called scary shacks over half a million. like this one in albany for half a million dollars, or this one in san jose's willow glen neighborhood for $585,000. or this one in downtown berkeley for $600,000. they all have three things in common, rundown building on big lots with great location. >> the house is worth nothing. it's the land that it sets on. >> reporter: these days, between the condition of the building and the price, it's harder to tell which is scarier. >> well, they both are. that was kiet do reporting by the way. 1.8million. >> wow. >> forget it. thousands of san francisco billion owners may face some expensive reconstruction. two city supervisors are proposing an ordinance
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requiring all soft storied buildings be retrofitted for earthquakes by 2020, 7 years a what. nearly 3,000 wood frame buildings built before 1978 would be affected. part of the plan would provide landlord loans to finance that work. wow. a lot of money. >> yes, it is. time now 4:52. cocktail lovers, beware. the unexpected side effects if you mix diet soda and alcohol. >> a smash-and-grab. the unusual tool thieves used to rob a jewelry store in broad daylight coming up.
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[ man ] it's big. quickly reconnects families. same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better. taking a look outside right now, lots of clear skies, temperatures much colder though, into the 30s and 40s. chance of rain coming our way. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and so far all your bridges
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are moving at the limit. here's live look across the golden gate bridge, the bay bridge and the san mateo bridge. all flowing nicely at the limit. much more "timesaver traffic" coming up. brazen thieves in virginia robbing a jewelry store in broad daylight all caught on tape. you can see from the surveillance video four men breaking several display cases. they were using a hammer there. they got away with nearly $130,000 worth of jewelry into a waiting getaway car. no description yet of the suspects. cocktail lovers, beware. turns out something strange happens when you mix diet soda with alcohol. drinks made with diet soda can actually make people drunk faster than cocktails cocktails made with regular soda. it's equal to an extra shot of booze. >> there is no sugar in it so it goes through the stomach faster. the diet mixer kind of fast forwards the digestion process of sending the alcohol into the
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bloodstream. >> it doesn't give your stomach anything to work off like regular soda so i wouldn't say it's a surprise. >> so, in other words, without the sugar, the alcohol is metabolized faster. this information comes from a study done by northern kentucky university which of course is jack and coke country. maybe jack and diet coke country. [ laughter ] it's 4:56 right now. a bay area city tells people to drive faster. why they decided to raise speed limits. >> and the most unusual traffic hazard ever. how a camel ended up in east bay traffic. we have it coming up. and i'm live in the north bay where authorities are investigating a triple murder. we'll tell you what they're saying about the danger to the community with the killer on the loose.
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a collision involving a car and a camel! why t he road in the fir >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald.
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after three men were for under shot to death in the north bay this morning, the clues into what happened still leaving a lot of questions this morning. >> and a collision involving a car and a camel. why the animal was in the road in the first place and how it's doing this morning. >> a little cold outside this morning, maybe a little rain on the way, too. we'll talk about that coming up. >> the vallejo baylink ferry if you typically ride that having mechanical issues. more coming up. good morning. it's wednesday, february 6. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is nearly 5:00 now. and murder up in wine country. three bodies found inside a home. this, morning the hunt continues for the killer. it's a developing story from a home on ross station road outside forrestville in sonoma county. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec updates the investigation from sonoma county. anne. reporter: the sheriff's department has been doing a lot of interviews overnight trying to figure out exactly what
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happened. there is a killer on the loose this morning since no arrests have been reported. but authorities say we shouldn't be worried about that even though this was not a murder-suicide. so a lot of questions right now after three men were found shot to death inside of a bedroom of one of the houses in the back end of the property in forestvilles. one of the men's brothers found them after he hadn't heard from his brother in several hours. >> we got called at about 3:15 this afternoon by a female reporting party. she was here with her boyfriend. the boyfriend, his brother is unbefore deceased subjects inside -- his brother is one of the deceased subjects inside the residents. >> reporter: investigators have been talking to them and other people who live on the property. there are several homes here. while the sheriff's office isn't saying much, they say we don't need to be worried about a murderer on


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